_IPP_PARALLEL_STATIC with dynamic link OpenMP library

_IPP_PARALLEL_STATIC with dynamic link OpenMP library

I would like to know what is the best way to specify my Microsoft Visual Studio project to use the multithreaded IPP static library and the OpenMP dynamic library. I am currently using _IPP_PARALLEL_STATIC, but it automaticallyuses the OpenMP static library, instead of the recommended dynamic library.


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Hello Steve,

You might need to use the /NODEFAULTLIB:libiomp5mt.lib option. See the following for more information and how to set this in the project properties:


and then add libiomp5md.lib to the list of libraries to be linked against.


Hi Paul.
What if I configured VS to use Intel C++ Compiler?

I'm having problems and what I want is to link the threaded versions of IPP statically and dynamically the OpenMP (I'll distribute the OpenMP dll).
What should I do?


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