AMT + theft protection

AMT + theft protection

Hi experts,There is one scenario where I don't quite understand how AMT will help. The specific scenario, where for example if a AMT laptop from the office network gets stolen. Let us say the thief connect to the internet from from hotspot of even from his home. The AMT system is potentially going to be sitting behind some router/modem or some device which may not have port forwarding enabled to port 16992. So how will the server be able to send some sort of poison to the AMT machine to say format its disk or do some other action for data security?Thanks,Sudarsan VS.

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You are correct when you question AMT's role in this scenario. The technology involved in your description would be Intel Anti-theft technology, not AMT specifically. This technology is currently supported by a limited number of service providers. You can read more about it @

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