I received the error message "AMT IDE-R BOOT FAILED" on the remote client when I try via Manageability Developer Tool Kit's Redirection function to restart the remote computer. The CD or iso file is normal on local. What causted the failure?

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I think we'll need a little more information to help look into this. Can you tell us what type of system you are working with, and what some of the configuration is? Especially what kind of argument's you used when you attempted to restart the computer, and whether IDER is enabled on the system.

1. I use a thinkPad X201 laptop for the client.

2. I'm certain that the IDER is enabled, in MEBX.

3. I have attempteda XP CD and a XP iso file for the Redirection.

4. I downloaded the tools from below address:

5. I canvia the tools take the control authority of client: KVM, normal restart,enabled or disabled the IDER.

6. But not restar the client with IDER.

I also tried using the tools available in :

but it's really working fine... I think there is some BIOS incompatability ...

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