good vm-entry host test function

good vm-entry host test function

Does anybody know where I could find a good vm-entry host test function?I've implemented one myself (followed every step from the intel 3B manual) and even one for vm-controls but I can't find the cause of the 'invalid host state' error on vmlaunch.Thankyou.

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I pitched this to various people internallly and found that replies fall into two camps.

1. Go take a look at open source examples. These would include Xen, KVM, and tboot (available at sourceforge).

2. If the request is for a routine that willread a VMCS and report whether the host-state area contains valid data orindicate what is incorrect, or asimilar function for the guest-state areaor the VMCS as a whole, then we are not aware of any such function.

David Ott

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