Java support?

Java support?

I was unable to find an installation of java on the windows box Is it installed, or would it be possible to include a installation of the JDK 1.6 64-bit?

I also plan to use the Linux MTL service also, although I'm presently having login problems. I would like to have Java there also, especially as these machines have more memory thant he windows boxes and are NUMA.

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JDK 1.6 is not installed on the Windows MTL, and there are currently no plans to do such. But it is available on the Linux MTL and has been used quite successfully.

Thanks for the information. The login problem has been fixed, and I've been using java on linux MTL.

I hope one day that Java is installed on Windows MTL, since it would be interesting to compare performance of the same program on the two OSes and memory architectures.

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