Please confirm setup for laptop

Please confirm setup for laptop

In the contest rules the test machine for the Laptop category is stated as: "Lenovo* ThinkPad* T43 laptop with an ATI* Mobility Radeon* x300 graphics
card". Could someone at intel give us the actual stats of the test machine (i.e. onboard memory, video memory, CPU type...). All the information that I can find about the Lenovo* ThinkPad* T43 seems to be about 5 years old. I am hoping that the test laptop is more powerful than a netbook!


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The information provided in the contest rules apply to the minimum settings that must be capable on the test machines. The judges will have at their access a variety of machines that meet/exceed these requirements. If programs do not run on newer computers, they will be provided with a Lenovo machine to test those programs.

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