An error from the library?

An error from the library?


I'm trying to use the CPSL to solve a (separable) ODE, which happens to have a sum of four Helmholtz equation solutions on the RHS. This means I have to call the library often, as I do the time stepping for the ODE. Everything works just fine, until after a good many calls to dmv0_helmholtz_2d I suddenly get:

Fatal error in MPI_Comm_dup:
Other MPI error, error stack:
MPI_Comm_dup(216)..: MPI_Comm_dup(comm=0x84000005, new_comm=0x7fffffffdfb0) failed
MPIR_Comm_copy(655): Too many communicators

which makes we wonder if the library is missing a MPI_Comm_free call somewhere? Help on this would be much appreciated, since I don't see how I can fix it and I've not found a workaround so far.

Intel compiler icc 11.0/083, MKL is, MPI is MVAPICH2 1.2.


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Hi Ingo,
Thanks a lot for detection this problem, it wasresolved and you coulddownload new version of library on WhatIf site now.
With best regards,
Alexander Kalinkin

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