Does GPA support the Poulsbo chipset (US15W)?

Does GPA support the Poulsbo chipset (US15W)?

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Does GPA supports the Poulsbo chipset (US15W)

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In response to your direct question, the bad news on this chipset is that the only officially supported graphics systems are the Intel G45 Express Chipset and the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset. The reason for this is that a number of GPA-specific hardware and driver modifications have been added that allow GPA to provide extensive device-specific metrics back to the user.

The good news is that we've heard reports of a number of people successfully using GPA with Poulsbo systems, and they've been able to do performance analysis and optimization of their applications using GPA. Though the graphics found in these systems is not fully supported by GPA, we expect many of the functions and operations of GPA will work OK. However, note that you won't be able to see a number of DX and GPU metrics in the System Analyzer, since GPU metrics requires specific hardware extensions not found in this chipset. The bottom line: we expect that most other System Analyzer functions will work successfully (such as CPU utilization metrics), and we expect that most (if not all) Frame Analyzer functions will work successfully as well.

Hopefully this has answered your question...

PS -> For those reading this thread who may not be familiar with Intel's naming conventions, Poulsbo is the chipset found in a number of netbook computers currently available in the marketplace.

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Answered, but didnt make happy! Kate

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Do you have a specific game/application that you've been trying to optimize for these laptops/netbooks? If so, please list this here and I'll try to find out exactly what you can expect with GPA.



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