ialmrnt/blue screen on Dell Inspiron 700m

ialmrnt/blue screen on Dell Inspiron 700m

I am continuously having a blue screen pop onto my computer that states my hardware is stuck in an infinite loop and is beginning to dump. It displays the error code of "ialmrnt 5" and happens when I am using some sort of media be it music, pictures, facebook, etc.

I heard I need to download a new driver, but do not know how to identify my current driver, find the new one, uninstall the old, and install the current one. Again, I have a Dell Inspiron 700m with Windows XP-Home Edition.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate them!

Thank you!

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Hi jjruggiero,

This forum is for the discussion of Havok Behavior. If you have any problems with Havok Behavior i would be more than happy to help you here. If you could move this thread to the appropriate forum, that would be greatly appreciated.


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