Proset 4965agn bug?

Proset 4965agn bug?

Hi. I've downloaded the latest version of Intel's Proset wireless drivers (12.4.0) for Windows XP. It installed fine and my 4965agn network card is working, however for some reason the system tray icon does not respond to me toggling the hardware switch that enables/disables the wireless card. When I switch on, everything in the background comes on and my system auto connects to my usual AP, it's just the system tray icon which doesn't update at all, and I get no popup notifications either.

If I double click the icon to bring up the proset manager window, that all works fine and sees the status of my hardware switch. The only way to get the tray icon updating is to disable and re-enable the radio from it while the hardware switch is on.

Any suggestions?

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Please refer to the product support page for your question on Intel PROSet SW. Here are some support links:



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