great demo and gdc09 videos

great demo and gdc09 videos

Really good stuff. Thanks for the GDC09 videos, very nice/fun and illustrative.

I have yet to do anything with Smoke because i don't have a proper CPU that can take advantage of the threading features, i am on a dual core CPU. However i have read the articles, seen the videos and looked at the code, they gave me a few ideas that perhaps i will implement in a entry for the Level Up 2009 competition ;)

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Hey DDd, Thanks for the feedback. For those that don't know, you can see the GDC all day threading tutorial here: This includes some useful information about Smoke! Creating an entry for the Level Up 2009 contest would be fantastic. Please let me know how it goes :D

Thanks DDd, I'm glad you liked the videos. We're thinking about doing something similar for the 2010 Game Developers Conference; how could we make it even better?

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