Intel Array Visualizer integration with visual studio on a 64 bit

Intel Array Visualizer integration with visual studio on a 64 bit

Hi all,

I have a 64 bit windows vista business edition. I installed array visualizer and included the paths shown in fig.1 and fig2. I do not know if there is something wrong.

Assuming that it has been installed correctly i try to debug a code just to see how array visualizer is working. (to those who say "do not download array viewer", i downloaded array visualizer for inter 64 version). It should work right. Unfortunately no!!!

Fig3 shows my code when debugging and the status of array viewer.

1. Are there any additional settings that i need to change or didnt i set the paths correctly for 'lib' and 'include'.
2. Or do i need to use any command in the code??!!
3. Why is there a em64t folder in C:....\array visualizer\lib and similarly in C:...\array visualizer\include ??? Does this effect the working of array visualizer. Am i supposed to include those. If so how is it like. Will it be like this C:...\array visualizer\include\em64t, because mine is a 64 bit computer. I know i downloaded the correct file from intel website for inte 64 bit (not itanium 64 bit)

I know lot of beginners have problems with this and unfortunatelyunanswered yet!!

Also the documetation is absolutely obselete. I mean for beginners!!

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I am still waitng for reply.
Any replies will be appreciated.

You should not add the quotes when putting paths in the directory lists. Other than that, you did ok. But you should add "/em64t" to the paths.

There is nothing you need to do in the code.

"em64t" is the old name for "Intel 64". The way this Array Visualizer package was put together, the IA-32 files are in the upper-level folder and Intel 64 (EM64T) and Itanium files are in subfolders.

Make sure you (re)install the compiler after installing Array Visualizer.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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