!!!Havok Demo Question!!!

!!!Havok Demo Question!!!

When I run the file(Demos_win32-net_8-0_release_multithreaded.exe), it alway crash for selectting Demo common/Utilities/Bootstrap/Serialize All(XML).
So I traced it in debug, I found some problem, in line 511(below) in BootstrapDemo.cpp.

- static_cast(m_demo)->getPhysicsViewerContext()->removeWorld(m_originalWorld);

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More Codes

506| #if defined(HAVOK_PHYSICS_ENABLED)
507| // keep our old one (so that the game dtor can do whatever it is it usually does)
508| m_originalWorld = ((hkDefaultPhysicsDemo*)m_demo)->m_world;
510| // remove the world from the context used by the visualize lib
511| static_cast(m_demo)->getPhysicsViewerContext()->removeWorld(m_originalWorld);

In VS2005, the var - m_originalWorld has many error.

Please, tell me how to fix it.

Hi Alex,
The Bootstrap demos just run through all of the other demos in the SDK. A few of the serialization ones don't work because they try to load assets that didn't ship with the free version of Havok, and I think one or two others are broken in Havok 5.5 anyway (everything runs nicely in the next version, though).


Expect for the next version.

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