Havok Character Controller jump speed?

Havok Character Controller jump speed?

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Does anyone know how to change the jump speed or force of Havok Character Controllers (the phantom version, if it matters)?

The manual, header files and the internet don't seem to have the answer.


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Hi TreePenguin,
Are you calling hkpCharacterProxy::integrate() directly? If so, you should just take some upward velocity into account when you're determining the desired velocity, and then call


before you call integrate().

If you're using the character contexts and state machines from the demos, I think you want to call hkpCharacterStateJumping::setJumpHeight. That doesn't set the speed directly, but the speed should depend on the gravity and jump height.


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Thanks, yeah sorry, I'm using the contexts from the demo, hkpCharacterStateJumping::setJumpHeight was indeed what I needed.

Kind of silly, I didn't notice the standard states where actually subclasses of hkpCharacterState. So I didn't think twice when I looked at hkpCharacterState and didn't find what I needed.

Anyway, thanks a lot.

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No worries. Now the internet has the answer :)

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