Games not in full-screen (intel 82815)

Games not in full-screen (intel 82815)

I recently got given an old laptop...

Intel Pentium III, 645 MHz

192 MB Ram

Intel 82815

XP Pro ver 2002 Service Pack 2

...and I'm having problems running games at full-screen. The resolution seems to be lower than it should be. I get a black border on all 4 sides.

This is happening with "Black Dahlia" and ScummVM games. I haven't tried newer games as they probably won't run on such a vintage machine. Although I did try "Monopoly 2008" and that was in full screen.

I've tried lowering the display settings down to 800x600, i've tried right-clicking the game icon and ticking the compatibility options, and selecting it to run in "maximized".

I've downloaded the graphics driver from the Intel site, even though it was supposedly older than the default that came with Windows XP Pro.

Please, please help me.

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