Intel MPI and InfiniPath or ConnectX

Intel MPI and InfiniPath or ConnectX

is it possible to use Intel MPI with InfiniPath or ConnectX adapters? I guess that "no" is the answer to the former but would expect that the latter should be supported. if it's "yes" then how? thanks!

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Qlogic web site shows their (old?) infinipath product supported with their own MPI:

I saw the Mellanox pitch on 40GB/s adaptor yesterday.

It's donevia OFED support, but of course our emphasis is on pre-configured systems.

The Intel MPI library uses an standard abtract layer called DAPL to allow interoperability with a wide range of communication fabrics.

In your case, the hardware usually requires that a specific OFED version is installed to provide low level support. It will also include the definition of the available DAPL devices in your system inside the /etc/dat.conf file during its setup. DAPL devices are then selected using a proper Intel MPI Device specification.

I strongly suggest the following link, it will provide you more details.

Hope it helps,

-- Andres

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