3.0 SDK Errata Found: Environment Detection

3.0 SDK Errata Found: Environment Detection

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We are refreshing the3.0 SDK Errata doc to include the following Errata concerning two of the Environment Detection APIs:

SetEnvironmentDetection There is mismatch between documentation and WSDL. NULL should be replaced with empty array (in documentation).

  1. Calling SetEnvironmentDetection with null parameter throws a SOAP exception. In order to disable the service set EnvironmentDetectionDomainType to an empty array.
  2. The same is true about GetEnvironmentDetection when the service is disabled, null is not returned an empty array is returned.
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I found one more SDK 3.0 issue: With computers that support "Remote Configuration", if you later specify a PID/PSK and perform a partial un-provisioning, AMT will use the PID/PSK even if the remote configuration flag is set to active. To return the computer to using "Remote Configuration" the SDK says you have to set the PID/PSK to zero. Actualy, you have to set the PID to the string "00000000" and the PSK to the string "000000000000...". This will cause AMT to use remote configuration on the next partial un-provisioning. I fixed this in Intel AMT Director in the latest release.

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