mpif90 and linking options under linux HPC

mpif90 and linking options under linux HPC

I need to pass to the intel linker (i'm assuming mpif90 doesn't use ld)

--stack 100000000,50000000

since intel's mpi compiler mpif90 doesn't use ld, how do I do this?

Will -Xlinker work ?


>mpif90 -lm -Xlinker --stack -Xlinker 100000000,50000000-o mycode1.o mycode2.o


if I have the executable, can I issue some sort of command to change the stack reserve and commit on the executable?

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I don't know of an Intel mpi wrapper named mpif90, nor do I know of any Intel compiler for linux which doesn't use ld. If you want to pass an option through mpiifort or ifort to ld, you can do it by the usual -Wl,, just as you would do with gcc. So, I'm somewhat mystified as to what you are talking about. Several versions of mpich would be built with an mpif90 wrapper (which would invoke ld indirectly), but that doesn't seem to match your words.

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