graph control background colour

graph control background colour


I have a graph control object and am having trouble setting the background colour to anything but white. When I set the backcolor property to red in the properties list it never persists, it always changes itself back to white. If I hard code it, something like

Me.AvGraphCtl3D.BackColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)

and draw a plot, it momentarily flashes red but then goes back to white. Any hints would be appreciated.


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OK, I figured out the graph control backcolor is actually driven by the form backcolor. The problem now is if I let the user select the form backcolour, the graph backcolor always remains the forms design time color rather than runtime color. Any clues?

I guess this will never get resolved as array visualizer has essentially died a death, which is a pity as it was the only reason I purchased the compiler.

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