xy plot vb help

xy plot vb help

Having created a 3d xyzplot from the sample VBcode, I tried to adjust this to a simple xy plot - I thought this would be a simple process, but not so.

Whatever I do I can't get it to plot anything. If I set the inherit to true there is a minute dot in the centre of the control.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help


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I got this to do something eventually - had to poke around in the javascript examples to figure out what was missing.

Attached is some VB code for a simple XY Plot

Your code looks good. You might want toconsiderusing the AvGraphSB control rather than the AvGLGraph control. For 2D graphs, AvGraphSB allows you to zoom & pann. Scroll bars are displayed if the full graph is not being shown. AvGraphSB doesn't have a camera object, so it's not really suitable for 3D graphs.

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