Visual Studio 7.0 .NET Beta 2 German crashes with ICL 7.0

Visual Studio 7.0 .NET Beta 2 German crashes with ICL 7.0

I am using Visual Studio 7.0 .NET Beta 2 German and installed the ICL 7.0 Trial Edition.
It crashes the IDE all the time when I attempt to build a project. Sometimes, if the build is short, it finishes but crashes afterwards.

The problem has been confirmed by c't magazine.

It has also been reported with the Italian version.
It does never occur with the US/English version.
It appearently has nothing to do with the beta state of my VS edition as has also been reported to happen with the final retail versions.

Is intel about to come up with a fix for the internationalized versions of VS7.NET ? Is there an installation fault on my (and many others') side ?


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Add-on: I'm not referring to .NET 2003
and installing .NET Framework from MS + SP2 from MS did not fix the problem.
Also, the .NET Beta 2 is accompanied by (and expects) Framework v1.0.2914 and the SP installs on v1.0.3705 only (which i have installed now).

We've got a report about this with the German version of VS .NET. It has been solved in the latest package "W_CC_PU_7.0.093".

You can download the package from Premier Support.

Thanks very much,

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