Fortran compiler with ipo

Fortran compiler with ipo

Got this message using f90 intel 7.0 compiler
Has someone an idea ?
Thank you
f90 -ipo *.o
IPO: using IR for CALEPS.o
IPO: using IR for PILOT.o
IPO: using IR for UTIL3.o
IPO: using IR for UTIZTA.o
IPO: using IR for ZTASS.o
IPO: performing multi-file optimizations

Internal Error: 20000_0
*Compiler Internal Error* : Please report to INTEL
efc: error: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)

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Thanks for this question, but I think the software we use to run our forums has been acting up a bit. This question needs to go to the FORTRAN COMPILER forum, not here in the VTUNE FOR LINUX forum, where it seems to have landed.

(I tried to move your excellent question over there myself, but it didn't work! Something seems wrong, and I'm checking that out.)

HOWEVER, in order to get your answer as fast as possible, it might be a great interim idea for you to copy and paste this question right now, double checking to make sure you're in the FORTRAN COMPILER forum, and add it there.

Let me know what happens!



Since your question relates to a compiler bug (an "internal compiler error" is always a bug!), you should report the problem through Intel Premier Support. If you have not yet registered your product, do so at the Fortran for Linux Support Page. Here you'll also find product FAQs and other helpful information.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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