Cannot find media sdk in VS 2010

Cannot find media sdk in VS 2010

I installed latest version of intel media sdk. The environment is as follow:

OS - 64 bit windows 7
VS 2010

I cannot see the integration part for media SDK in VS 2010

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Hello Anita!

The integration between VS2010 and Media SDK is not 'automatically' ..
It isn't a Visual Studio "component" (or Tool).

I'm using VS2010 and Media SDK with C#. But, for it, I'm using media SDK as a DirectShow FIlter.

My OS is Win7 64-Bits too.

Regards, Guilherme
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Hi Anita,

There is no integration between IDEs such as Visual Studio and Intel Media SDK.

A developer uses the Media SDK libraries and optionally the sample code to build applications. So the only link to the IDE is the need to include the Media SDK headers and libraries into the Visual Studio project solution, as showcased in the samples.


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