A Query on Forum Display

A Query on Forum Display

The topics are listed alphabetically, expanded and scrolling to several pages when I view only, but unexpanded and scrolling to two pages at present when I login at length.

What will happen when there are, say 100 topics? Browsing to see what has changed, or to see a thread starting with Y... could be a painful process.

We need a facility to browse just the unread messages. Is this on your To Do list Steve?

Graham Kipp

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Here is (what I hope will show up as) a link to forum comments:
You can post your grief there.

Walter Kramer


I have complained loudly about these specific issues, but that's the limit of what I can do, since I don't control the system directly. Your complaints will help as well.

I agree that the alphabetical sort is the worst possible method!


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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