8 Byte Integers

8 Byte Integers

Could anyone inform how can one read an 8 Byte integer from a binary file?

long-long integers are a default kind in CVF on Alpha processors, but not on PC's.

The obvious solution would be to create a user-defined type containing two 4-byte integers, but how does one then go about combining the two and representing them?

Any help is appreciated.

Marcello Cattaneo Adorno, London

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help is on the way. CVF Version 6.6 due out shortly has 8 byte integers.


Thanks for your reply.

Can you inform when CVF 6.6 will come out?

In the mean time, is there any workaround?

Regards, marcello

CVF 6.6 will be out in August. It's a free update for 6.5 users.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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