6.1a to 6.5a errors

6.1a to 6.5a errors

I tried to transfer my code written in DVF6.1a to DVF6.5a.
Two errors have appeared under DVF6.5a.

1) operator "<>" is not recognized by compiler (!?).
I incorporated the sample file DLLPRGRS.f90
(line: "if ( hwndParent <> 0 ) then" ).

2) Importing Data Objects in Modules (the object is exported from a DLL)
does not work in my case. A main program that uses a module contained in a DELL can not find a data object through the USE statement. The link error is appeared.

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1) Rightfully so -- it's an odd Microsoft's extension which sneaked through to the present days and has finally been deleted in 6.5a. Problem is that Compaq's programmers also used it from time to time ;-).

2) Search recent Forum posts - I think Steve replied to a similar question but I can't recall exactly which version was in question.

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