Win API cal how to...

Win API cal how to...

I have made a call to CoFreeUnusedLibraries
inside a com server which is built like a win32 app.
However, it cannot resolve the call to the above win32 routine.
I've tried adding use dfwin, use ole32, use oleaut32
to no avail.

What library or module are we to link to?

Thanks, TimH

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CVF doesn't provide an interface to all the routines, in this case you need to defined an interface such as:

 subroutine CoFreeUnusedLibraries() 
 !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES ALIAS: '_CoFreeUnusedLibraries@0' ::  CoFreeUnusedLibraries 
 end subroutine 
end interface 

Then link against ole32.lib of course and you should be set.


Hot diggity Dawg,
Where would you look up somehting like that?

Plus that the doc clearly says:
...To include the Win32 interface definitions, do one of the following:

Add the statement USE DFWIN to include _all_ Win32 API routine definitions.

Thanks for the hint.


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