Basic knowledge

Basic knowledge

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hello friends .. What basic knowledge is required for developing application... I want to start developing with Qt....SDK available will allow this?
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In general you need to have some knowledge of programming and using programming tools and environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio and others. Here for the IADP, we cannot generally define what is the basic knowledge required to develop and publish applications.

More information about the IADP can be found on the support page:

We also recommend you to browse through the forums as sometimes your queries may have already been answered on a post in the forum.

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Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team.

Regards, DG Rooven
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thanks for your reply

I m browsing this forum at least 2-3 hour per day.

I want to start Developing From QT Programming , i just want to know beta SDK will support it?

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It would not be officially supported by Intel, meaning they will not help troubleshoot that environment. That being said, you can do it, but you would be on your own for support. Please PM me if you need general help creating a C++ wrapper.

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