SDK support for VB6 APPs

SDK support for VB6 APPs

Your SDK says "it supports apps written in c/c++". Will there by any problems with VB6 APPS?
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In general if you manage to get the application through the available SDK, there should not be any problem.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

Regards, DG Rooven

Good morning,

You will need to create a c++ wrapper from the ATOM SDK, which you may invoke from VB6. This method is not supported by Intel at this time, however many on the forum will happily answer questions should you have any difficulty.

Could you tell me if I can download C++ wrapper dll and required code for calling from VB6?



There is no publicly available wrapper as this is not supported by Intel at this time. It is up to the developer to create a working wrapper and support it should any errors occur.

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