Meta Edit Time?

Meta Edit Time?

How long should we expect a Meta Edit on a published application take to propagate to AppUp? Is it synchronized nightly, hourly, instantly? Thank you.
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Hi Brian,

There are so many things going on the IADP backend with submissions and validations and at this moment I can't state specifically how long it might take for such kind of changes. Sometimes it appears the next day, sometimes after several days. I cannot confirm this now.

I would suggest you keep tuned up and watch for it. Also since the whole program is Beta, there may not be a definite answer to your query yet.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

Regards, DG Rooven

Perfectly acceptable answer considering the Beta aspect. Thank you Rooven.

Just a quick update. Meta edit changes seem to be propogatong in 1-3 days. That is not bad considering the load the testers are under. Thanks everyone.

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