Question about Licensing?

Question about Licensing?

Hi, I am will to create application software with NOKIA QT GUI Framework with LGPL license. My question is can I submit my application software under proprietary licensing. I mean my own application will be under proprietary and QT library will be under open source as I have received from QT.
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QT has 2 licenses...

b) Commercial

For option a,
This means you can use QT and build a commercial closed source app with it [as long as you don't change anything in the QT library itself].

For option b,
You are free to do whatever you want with QT and your app, both

This is my understanding of the situation. Hope it helps.

Thank for ur valuable reply!

My doubt is clear now.

I might add that of the 6 or so apps I have seen built on QT, 5 chose option A so they did not have to release source code. Best of luck.

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