the exoPc i got from GDC os wont boot up

the exoPc i got from GDC os wont boot up

for the longest time i thought that it was no os on it and that was normal and that i had to install it but it looks like my tablets os just wont boot up. It shows the MeeGo logo and just sits. Now i still could just be wrong and have not done something that i was suppose to do if thats the case please tell me what that is because i want to show off the tablet to my employer and see if i could make apps and games for it. if all i have to do is a reinstall to fix it just send me a link to an meego image file(been looking for one for hours) and i could reinstall it
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Can you get into the BIOS?
After switching on there should be two areas to press, one says setup the other BBS.
BBS lets you select the boot device.

If that works you can download the MeeGo image here and put it onto a USB stick.
Then start the ExoPC and press BBS, select the USBstick, boot from it and reinstall the ExpPC.

Another thing to look into: I had a similar issue when the battery wasn't charged. I switched the ExoPC off and let it charge for 30mins and then it booted through.

BTW: to install the image onto a USBstick I used win32diskimager.
Simple but works.

Hi Rashadmad:

Sorry to hear so. Most likely, your ExoPC is still functional.

I suggest that you do this. As Paul suggested, it is possible to re-image your device.
Please visit this website:

And download a copy of the Tablet UX 1.2 pre-alpha release.

After that, you can follow this link

to "burn" a copy of the tablet OS onto your USB stick.

After that, you can try to re-install tablet OS on your ExoPC by sticking your USB key into ExoPC. When you boot up ExoPC, click on the "BBS" button on screen. That will let you pick and choose to boot either from internal disk drive or from your USB key. You should pick your USB key.

Let us know if you have questions or run into problems with that.


i just want to first thank u guys for helping me out. But i have one little issue. The image writer is not seeing my iso file. This is after going in to the properties and changing the name from iso to img. but the writer still cant find it

Hi Rashadmad:

Do you have access to a Linux machine?


no i dont have Linux is that necessary for this to work

well i got the image on the flash drive and went in to the meeGo menu pressed install only. after that it went ideal for a sec then this came up
intel_panel_get_max_backlight] *ERROR* fixme: max PWN is zero etc... Bug in initramfs /init detected.Dropping to a shell. Good luck!

it really says good luck, so im thinking maybe just return it chalk it up as a lose. in fact how do you return something like this. i dont want something like this setting around so it could get broken

Hi rashadmad, Glad to know you are able to write your image onto your flash drive.

Can you tell me what happen after that "Good Luck" message? Did it actually drop to a shell where it gives you a prompt and you can type something?
Did it continue on with the installation process?

well alright, basically after pressing installation only, it shows a few errors like unable to read meta data, cache entry unable to read inode
SQUASHFS_read data failed to read block
then it does give me the option to type something


Just want to confirm an installation window never did show up? A proper installation window should be a MeeGo screen, with colors, with a small arrow button on the bottom. Do you see that?



oh no installation screen came up just some errors and a line saying "good luck!" possibly the image was not written on the usb correctly. but now it wont wont let me reformat it

well guys i installed meego to the tablet :). It was a bit of trouble but i found out it was not the tablets fault but the flash drive i was using, for every one else with the same issues i suggest a SanDisk flash drive (just bought one from Best Buy) it booted right up. thanks agin for every ones help any one else who has the same issues with writeing images on the tablet just post here for help.

now about that interface with a whole bunch of circles how do i get that :)

hi thanxs again fo your help getting my tablet up and runing. hate to say it but i hav a new problem. After trying to install software from repository to set up AppUp Center client. but after typing zypper search to get the "zypper search gedit" then typing sudo zypper install. it asks for a password. which default is meego of course i type it in but it reads out "meego is not in the sudoers file. this incident will be reported"......what does this mean, im sure meego is the right password cause i typed other things and it says sorry try again. so what does this mean and how do i move forward with the AppUp Center client install

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