Slow meego tablet emulator

Slow meego tablet emulator

Hi, is it just my machine or the meego tablet emulator extremely slow ? I have quite decent machine, but I am struggling to even navigate through the home screen. Any suggestions, help ? I have Intel i5, 6G RAM and quite good Graphics card. Help would be appreciated.
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I agree with you the emulator is slow. My understanding is that because the tablet sdk is pre-alpha software and not very optimized yet. However, as the beta and stable sdk approach, I would expect the performance to improve.

If you can get a hold of a physical device the debugging experience is much better.

Thanks Daniel,

I know there were some Intel Moorestone tablets demoed, but is it possible to buy / get one?

Sure, since there are no tablets shipping with MeeGo yet, people at Intel have been purchasing the ExoPC. It comes with Windows, but you can reinstall it with MeeGo.

For netbooks, the many people use the Lenovo S10-3t. I've seen people installing the MeeGo tablet image on it even though it's a netbook and not a tablet.

Thanks, Daniel

I cannot afford to buy ExoPC, as it seems to be quite expensive. I decided to install the whole sdk over my ubuntu platform, and I have seen some significant improvement on the performance of the emulator. It's still slow, but not as slow as it is on Windows platform. My focus area is Qt/QML based application for Meego tablet OS. Hopefully we will have the PR release of tablet sdk soon.

We were also having issues with slow emulation. We finally decided to dual boot our Windows PCs with Meego. So we installed Meego on our desktops and we installed SDK on Meego directly. This way emulation was not necessary as we were able to run directly on Meego. However for final AppUp SDK integration we needed to again use Windows as AppUp SDK is supported only on Windows at the moment.

Most likely your existing desktop can be made to dual boot with Meego, give it a try.

Happy Coding.

Hi Sachin,

My problem was regarding tablet emulator. You said you were able to run directly on meego (without emulator), were you talking about normal Meego Netbook Application development ? I already have a Windows 7, Ubuntu dual boot, I tried installing meego so that I would have 3 OSs', but that gave me huge trouble and I had to uninstall my ubuntu and install it back.

- binay


Don't understand what you mean by 'normal Meego Netbook app development'. But ya we did develop meego netbook apps and submitted them to AppUp. Our PC was single booting with Windows so installing Meego as second OS was not a problem. We did all our coding on Meego itself and yes we didn't use emulator.

Meego Tablet OS can also be installed I guess on normal PCs and can be used for development directly but most probably you won't be having a touchscreen display with PC so touch related testing may not be possible, but yes development can still be done. Also I guess simple touch events can also be used with mouse-click events so that could work.

However if you go deep into tablet specific things like display orientation then you won't be able to use PC, you will need real tablet hardware for it.

Just my thoughts.


Sachin Palewar
Palewar Techno Solutions (Nagpur, India)

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