Taking a fished flash game in AS3 through adobe AIR to meeGo

Taking a fished flash game in AS3 through adobe AIR to meeGo

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Hi I have been developing a game in flash for a while and i wanted to put my game up on the App store. How complex would this be. Mind u I have never used air but have gotten really comfortable with as3.
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Hi Rooven,

Can you please confirm if we can use the same encapsulator version for Meego tablets?


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Hi Sangram,

AppUp encapsulator currently builds MeeGo apps against the netbook profile. This means that when you submit your MeeGo netbook app you should indicate in the submission form that your app is a MeeGo Netbook app. Stay tuned for MeeGo Tablet support!

Hal G.
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If you are able to compile your app and publish it in HTML5, Javascript, then you may be able to use the AppUp™ Encapsulator Alpha to wrap your files. Please find more information on this link to see if the encapsulator might be of use to you: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/encapsulator-alpha-support

I hope this helps.


Intel AppUp™ Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

Regards, DG Rooven
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im not too kine on java or html but I would be willing to learn more about adobe air. is there a way for me to take my flash game then bring it in to adobe air then some how get it on the meego tablet

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