Meego Application for NetBooks target ?

Meego Application for NetBooks target ?

hello I want some information about Meego targetting devices.. What is the difference between "meego-netbook-ia32-1.1" and "meego-netbook-ia32-w32.1.1" i am confirming this to be on the right path to avoid validation or installtion issues if there any? Thanks
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Is there any update on above posted issue? pls
apart from that iam having few more problems while configurng the Meego Sdk for qt windows.
as i have already downloaded qt 1.2 preview and meego sdk for windows(installed both)as given the details in developer guid (meego sdk) at one point the line suggest that
(installing the software debugger in qemu)

. the kqemu acclerator should be launched ... launched
QT CREATOR and th Meego emulation environment must both be launched.?
My question is where is the Meego emulation environment is located. i have started the qemu service successflly, Qt launched , but could not find the Meego emulation there any idea what i am doing wrong.?

yes this is unclear meego is GNU/Linux right ? nothing related to win32 ?


please go ahead and pick either one if you are referring to the MADDE toolchain offering the netbook targets.
I do not believe there should be any difference in either package.


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