Unpacking of meego-handset-ia32-1.1 file problem..

Unpacking of meego-handset-ia32-1.1 file problem..

Hello , I had tried downloading the meego-handset-ia32-1.1 but failed many times on MADDE terminal. so switched to fetch command where i got the URL Address from there using ADP downloader i suceesfully downloaded the file But the Unpacking again an issue. Is there any way to fix this ? Helpful Suggestion would be benifitial. Thanks
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I am taking that you are using Windows. So download "winrar " software and decompress it.

@ Bapi It is already understood that winrar is very common, it is so simple to unpack..,

i want some information from backend team to suggest the Madde Path for installation downloaded file because the winrar give a message "could not create directories" and decompress failed? so how to fix it?


You can do this

1> copy the tar file to "C:\MeeGoSDK_1.2\MADDE\cache"

2> Open MADDE consol

3> give command "mad-admin create -e -f

Hope this will help you!

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