Meego tablet : mmoc.exe Command not found

Meego tablet : mmoc.exe Command not found

I am trying to build meego tablet application, but with simple adding new QT Form I got this error on building application : make: mmoc.exe: Command not found make: *** [moc_homescreen.cpp] Error 127 The process "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" exited with code 2. Error while building project Test (target: MeeGo) When executing build step 'Make' Build is working with initial project creation, but by adding any class it gives me this error. What can be problem?
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Hi midcenturymedia

Can I have you confirm that error message that you included? The line you cut/paste says:

make: mmoc.exe: Command not found

Can I have you double check that it is mmoc.exe but not moc.exe?

It looks like you have meta-objects included inside your code and QtCreator is looking for the meta-objects compilers.

Let me know.



Thanks for the reply. The message that I sent you is copy paste from the output, so it is correct.

I am trying to build meego touch framework application, and this is happening when I try to include this line of the code:


Yes Q_OBJECT is the meta-objects part of Qt. So you need MOC. But it should be moc.exe.

I will message you with my email addr. I like take a look at some files on your project.


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