Meego SDK Integration problem in Ubuntu

Meego SDK Integration problem in Ubuntu

Hai Bob Duffy, I am trying to install meego sdk on upuntu 10.10 i installed the sdk and the target (meego-netbook-ia32-1.1.2 ) and the runtime (meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.2-runtime ) successfully. But when i am starting the qemu by using the sudo mad remote -r meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.2-runtime poweron cmd in terminal, It is giving message that it will start but it is not starting. Then in QT Creater also i made all the configurations for the meego emulator and i tested the connection it is saying did you start the qemu ? (Its already started) also to start the qemu KVM module Installation VT Enabling Graphics hardware acceleration enabling are needed ? what is the hardware configuration ? Please guide me in doing meego integration in ubuntu.
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did you follow the procedure :

it worked for me

Hai Thanks for your Interest .

i followed the below mentioned links.

and with sdk itself one QT creater is there and i installed the g++ from the software center.
all the process went fine but qemu is not starting why ?

for you is it working fine ? are able to see qemu ?

if it is so i will follow your link from the beginning.

Can you tell me what's the processor inside your computer?



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