New MeeGo & AppUp SDK (Released 20th May)

New MeeGo & AppUp SDK (Released 20th May)

1. The new MeeGo SDK is not working. I download meego-sdk-installer-online-20110519.exe and when I run it, it downloads something and hangs at a point. The progress freezes at 11% Retrieving meta information of com.meego.sdk.targets.simulator.qtmingw... Please do not provide custom downloaders for GBs of data. It would be better if SDKs are provided with direct links so that we can use some download managers/accelerators etc. and have pause facility. 2. With Old MeeGo SDK I downloaded GBs of runtime/target data with MADDE. Will I have to download all again (to use new MeeGo SDK)? In other words will I have to uninstall old SDK first? 3. A new MeeGo AppUp SDK releasd with it. For all new submissions we need to use it right? Can we use it old MeeGo Qt SDK?
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FYI, hope it will help you...
I have downloaded the MeeGo SDK 1.2 Preview successfully. For that first I have installed installer (~15MB) then after executing installer it prompt me to choose various targets like Netbook, Tablet and so on... I have chosen all and able to download all the targets. Then by using MADDE able to install runtime for Netbook ie QEMU Simulator.

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Yes it is working now, the download is not freezing.
The AppUp SDK is now version 1, so I think we should use it with both MeeGo SDK versions.

Had the download freezed after 95%.. Did it resume or will it start all again?

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