for encapsulator, Do I format as a full page or mobile page?

for encapsulator, Do I format as a full page or mobile page?

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I am a complete newbie who knows html and css and I was told at the intel event today I could make a web-based app. I'm not sure exactly how to begin because I can't find any basic instructions. Does anyone have an examples of their own apps I can see? Do I lay out the code for a mobile app? Kate
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Hi Kate - you can layout your page as a normal, non-mobile page as the MeeGo and Windows apps generated by encapsulator are for netbooks and PCs (MeeGo tablet support is in the works).

Also, when you make your app with encapsulator there is a "window size" option in the "Make your app tab". You can play around with this to get a window size that looks right for your app.

This video shows the basics of how to get started.

For UI layout examples - jquery-ui is a good place to start as they have many easy to use UI widgets. You would download and include jquery ui javascript and css files in your zip packages.

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