Cannot create app

Cannot create app

Cannot create app - Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,index.html If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste).
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The Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator function is case sensitive.
So, your file name must be "index.html".
If your file name is "Index.html" or "INDEX.HTML", or "index.htm" .....will cause check failed.

Good catch Bill, I have not experienced this however I will add this to my notes.

i also did wat u said but still getting the errpr not able to understand anything

Hey Thahir - I think I might have answered your questions on this thread over here:

..if not, please tell us exactly which error you're getting by cutting and pasting the text from the error message box into this forum thread.


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