MeeGo Project Packaging issue

MeeGo Project Packaging issue

Hi there, I did manage to compile my latest game on MeeGo and would like to package it adequetly to put it into AppUp store for the next contest on "Best Game". However I'm really struggeling getting things to work. After several fails to install and run the Qt SDK on Linux and Windows I developed on my ExoPC/WeTab hardware directly. Now I wonder how to get mad pscreate (or hopefully something similar) run on a real MeeGo and not under emulated environment. Is there some piece of code, which could help? Or is there some human beings out there willing to support (or pointing me to a working tut)? Difficulty is: SDL SDL_mixer (for sound working on WeTab OS but not on MeeGo - strange strange) QtOpenGL All compiled and linked with Qt-Creator Some resource files needed to be loaded during startup Thanks Alex
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found this one and will give it a try...

but I know my luck with such tutorials...

OK, it seems that it is quite unusual developing directly on target platform. Is there a must to add the AppUp SDK for MeeGo Apps? The SDK is available for Windows only.

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