Generating GUID with Bakno Delphi wrapper

Generating GUID with Bakno Delphi wrapper

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Hello all, I am working closely with an ISV who has encountered a problem whilst trying to generate a Delphi app for AppUp using the Bakno Delphi wrapper. He's trying to apply GUID assigned to his test application “compChanges” in My Dashboard(0xA25F7653,0xA7A249B5,0x89D031DE,0x18DDEF3D). According to SDK instructions he calls function ConnectToIntelADP. mess:=ConnectToIntelADP(Wrapper,$A25F7653,$A7A249B5,$89D031DE,$18DDEF3D, 'A25F7653-A7A2-49B5-89D0-31DE18DDEF3D'). But according to the same instructions it should return (6) 'The Application is not Authotized' code for my environment, but he's got (-10) 'The baKno GUID is Invalid'. Everything goes well with ‘11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111’ test value. Does that mean he should apply another GUID that he has to receive from Bakno instead of the one from My Dashboard? Or is he doing something wrong at all? Thanks
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Hi Ben,

It appears that there is an ID that is required from Bakno*. From Bakno's forum, "Please refer to the documentation.

"You need to enter both the GUID from Intel and the baKno ID we sent with your license." Please see

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
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I believe it is merely saying that it needs the license (GUID) from Bakno (nothing to do with the actual application GUID from Intel).

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