Why Can't I reproduce the Validation Error? Or Why Can't Intel Validation team use the app?

Why Can't I reproduce the Validation Error? Or Why Can't Intel Validation team use the app?

Hi, The issue is like this: 1> I've an application based on .Net 3.5, C#, WPF and MS Access/SQL Express. 2> The application is already being used (paid up) by more than 17 clients (world over) with more than 300 seats. 3> I want to publish the same app on www.AppUp.com to sale the application world over. 4> I make changes to the source code , introduce Intel SDK InitializeComponent(); & remove all the private keys as Intel has promised that my application will not be pirated. 5> I complete the application validation process with maximum number of screen shots allowed. Also fill up all the fields across the tabs panning various pages. 6> I submit the application for validation. I wait. Then I wait. I Just Wait. I simply wait. And my app is rejected, so I check the validation error message, download the screen shot, re- check my app and find the reported issue is non-existent. 7> I resubmit the app, then I wait (Many times) and my app gets rejected. The surprise is validation message is actually replicated (i.e. Copy paste) 8> I retest the app (for no reason at all , actually)resubmit the app, upload the app and BANG the app is rejected with SAME rejection message. 9> I involve a CMM 5 company, get my app tested. 95-96% of the tests are cleared. Then I request the company to follow the Intel guidelines and still the app comes clean. So I resubmit the app. 10> After 3-4 rejections, the screen shots change, rejection messages change (not more than 10% standard deviation). Bottom Line Question: Why Can't I reproduce the Validation Error? Or Why Can't Intel Validation team use the app? Before submitting the application I always test the application on specified/supported Hardware/Software/OS/Runtime etc. so as to keep the Validation cycle at a minimum. This has happened with almost all the apps (19 Apps published).
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Hello Jayant,

maybe you could write what exactly the error message says now.

Many of my products also got rejected first, but finally I always could reproduce the rejection reason (but, anyway, somethings really thought if this was a "reason" to reject it).

But if you really cannot reproduce it, you should write an e-mail to the mail address displayed below the rejection report. I've done that one time, too, because the rejection was nonsense (the validator just did not understand how to use my product ;-) ). It took some days, but then my application got published without resubmission.

Best regards

Hello Andreas,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I really appreciate it.
Actually the issue is with Validation process & not an Individual. Ideally validation team member (VTM) should read the Brief Description, Detailed description and Validation guidelines. If possible use some elementary things like envisioning the end user and test the app as end user would use it on a day-today basis. This information is supported by screen shots, so in case of doubts the VTM should refer to the screen shots. If any sort of discrepancy is found then following the guidelines, the app should be rejected. After the ISV retests & re-works on the app, the VTM should start the validating the app all afresh. In my case 7 apps were rejected with EXACT rejection message.(this is what I called Copy paste) For the fear of consequences I'm avoiding names and exact message along with my App names.Every app was rejected 7-8 times when there we're no issues in the first place & I'd to lodge a complaint officially. As you've written is your last time " It took some days, but then my application got published without resubmission" I'm hoping to get my apps at least after resubmission.

Hello Jayant,

my application was published without resubmission, but after writing a e-mail to the validation team explaining what they did wrong (because they did not understand my product). But if you just resubmit without any change and without writing them an e-mail, the application probably will get rejected again.

But, as I said, maybe you could copy the error message here. Perhaps me or someone else could help to find out the core of the problem. ... and I really don't know what "fear of consequences" you have!?

Best regards

Hallo Jayant,

as Andreas wrote it is possible that the validation team did not understand your application properly.

Please make use of the email address that is included with the rejection statement.

Alternativlely tell me the name of the application and I will take a look myself, you can also send a PM if you want.



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