Updated version of existing app

Updated version of existing app

Hi, I've developed an application using visual studio 2008 (VC++) for windows. That was submitted and validated successfully. I would like to release an updated version of that. How can I do this? In what way it will be updated to existing users of application also? Need your help on this! Thanks, VSuhaasinii
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Para obter mais informações sobre otimizações de compiladores, consulte Aviso sobre otimizações.

You can refer the article submitted by Norman-Chou


The basic steps:

1.) Open your Dashboard and navigate to the title in question (http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/dashboard/myapps)
2.) Click Edit
3.) Update the version
4.) Upload a new installer
5.) Optional: Beta test
6.) Submit for validation

Existing customers will see the new version available in the AppUp client once it is validated.

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