New Jar Signing Requirement...

New Jar Signing Requirement...

Hi Intel, What jars are expected to be signed? the ones added via the packaging utility? What about the big jar that the packaging facility creates? Thanks.
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I too would like to know this.

Hi Tony and Brian,

Irrespective of how a JAR file was created, it will need to be signed. If you have multiple jars packaged in your application JAR, you will not need to sign each of these. When you sign the application jar , all the jars inside it will automatically be signed.

So if the packaging utility put all relevant and required jars into a big jar file called abc.jar, you will only need to sign abc.jar.

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Okay that helps. I already sign my jars for distribution from java web start for my web site. The only difference there is all the jars are separate to support very quick downloads.

I use Ant and I am thinking how to add this to my builds so I have a quick way to create my single jar for Appup. I stopped that due to time and am thinking of going back to that approach because of this new requirement. I just need to look into adding the classpath for the jars into my build for the big jar since your packaging utility does that then adding the signing would be easy. But I porbably (heavy sigh) will take the shortcut approach to the build.


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