AIR LicenseManager Error

AIR LicenseManager Error

I get an error when I try to package my app for AppUp. I have published an app already using the same SDK SWC and licensing calls, but for this new app it is giving me a strange error. It also works if i set up the licensing on a blank project. WHAT is causing it to give me this absurd error? Error: LicenseManager needs to be called from applicationComplete handler or later. Please make sure that LicenseManager is not being called from creationComplete handler. at com.adobe.licensing.UIElements::ShibuyaPopup()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.containers::Dialog()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.containers::ValidatingDialog()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/serverCheckHandler()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at at at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/set currentState()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/licenseCheckHandler()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at at at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/set currentState()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/initHandler()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at at at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/set currentState()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/realCheckLicense()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider/checkLicense()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at com.adobe.licensing::LicenseManager/OnLoadComplete()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at at at ProviderLoader/onProviderLoadFinished()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] at ProviderLoader/fileIOErrorHandler()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose-1.0/] I have tried calling the licensing well after the program is initialized. I don't think it can really be called any later than that...
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Well I may have figured it out after many headaches. Since the *-app.xml location is hard coded and cant be customized for each profile, there were some incompatible xml values left by another profile. It would have been nice if the error said that instead of a load of text completely unrelated to the issue.

If anyone knows how to set a custom location of the *-app.xml file for each profile in Flash CS5.5, I would love to hear it. I hate having to manually swap xml files every time I work on a different profile of the same app.

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