msi witch proggram

msi witch proggram

Hello, first when select French in language we cannot post message, the button is hidden. For my problem i have one .exe and one .xml I have used InstallAware for create a .MSI when beta test it doesnt down. I try validation, refused bad install... So i used Advanced installer and now in beta test that down and instal correctly but Intel app show error 2009. I try validate it. witch program can make a msi who work with Intel App ? the two install/uninstal perfectly manually. I'm a pro with Inno Setup and don't understand why only msi is accepted :( Thanks.
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What kind development tool that you use ? ex: C++ or C# or Java or ...

I use Delphi XE

I am not familiar with Delphi.
But I suggestion you check some thing.
(1) As you upload your application, check is the "System requirement" correct ?

(2) Did you package your application for "Silent Install" ?

Delphi create native exe no need of runtime like C# java it's more like c++ with no need of runtime c++
the problem come from msi i think too

how pack a single exe with msi ?

my install ask user right admin and install see
nothing ask is it ok ?


(1) I knew it is native code, So in "Supported runtime", you should choose " Windows Native" , for example, if you choose "Adobe Air", it will cause error code 2009.

(2) I download you msi, it's not "Silent Install", please see
MSI Silent Install Package Requirement Update,
Silent Installer Demystified,

Thanks, i try it and answer when i have the result of validating.
I have put windows native too ;)


I have reported the issue with French language site and we are working on the issue. Thanks for reporting this.

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OK, after 2 rejeted, finally install is ok with Wix.
Wix are free.
The two rejeted have been make with "Advanced Installer 8.4" and "InstallAware" who cost +- 1000$ ...
Maybe a post with installer compatibily can save time for the next developer. And money...

French forum is't fixed, 9 days for a button don't ask why forum is empty, maybe a little update of website can occur without wait a big update,


Thanks for pointing out this caveat about packaging tools. I tried to outline the best options about building and packaging Windows projects in two posts:

Hope this helps.

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