Problem while encapsulating an HTML 5 application (game)

Problem while encapsulating an HTML 5 application (game)

Hello Encapsulator Team, I've been trying to encapsulate an HTML5 application (game) for several hours, but I have never succeeded. I compressed it in a .zip, containing an index.html, some javascript files, a "rsc" folders (with applications pictures) and an icon.png, at the .zip root. I filled the 7 text fields on the left side of the "Make your app" tab, linked my .zip file, and even gave an App description and a License text. But nevertheless, after having pressed the "Make it" button, I always received this error : An error occured Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,Upload service error,invalid csrf_token. Refreshing your browser may help with this problem. If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste). I tried to change my .zip compression, my descriptions, my version string... I don't see what I could do now. Anybody please would have an idea about what I could do to encapsulate my application in a .msi format now ? Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for those who will answer.
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Were you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue. Any feedback will be great, thanks!

Hi Karim,

I found that is best to use 7-zip. You just select files needed and then do a R click to choose to send to zip folder from the context menu. Remember don't select a ROOT folder for all your files.Have index.html and the icon.png outside any of your other folders that you select. Hope that helps.


Hi Buannic!
I uploaded some web apps use Appup encapsulator.

You try filled both GUID for MeeGo Netbook (Web only) and GUID for Windows (Web, AIR), Meego Netbook App name as same as App exe name.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Indeed, I tried to fill the two GUID, while I gave the two same app name. I event tried to fill only the GUID for Windows without a Meggo Netbook App name, but i always receive an error.

However, since yesterday (I think) the error is presented differently, so I'll show you the "new face" of this bug :

On the "Check status and download" Tab, my app name is accompanied by a red triangle, and 9 messages. The last two are :

msg:Unable to create build process. make failed

[red]Entry expires:[/red] 2012-04-03T00:22:02-0700

Have you an idea of this problem's origin ?

I have not received this type of error. I think you could try:
- Submit simplest app: an index.html file, an icon file which is packed in the root of zip file.
- Check for compatibility:

Thanks for your help, but I finally found my problem's origin : a bad picture/file name, including a special character "é".

You are welcome. Congratulations!

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