vs self.resize vs self.resize

Hello, can we resize html ?"XYZ.html","_self","width=500,height=400"); i have tried using above code to lunch html. but it takes default browser width and height when .msi file run. Let me know any suggesstion

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I suggest trying the following methods:

  • Window resizeTo(): This method resizes a window to the specified width and height (in pixels). The syntax is: window.resizeTo(width,height)
  • Window resizeBy(): This method resizes a window by the specified amount (moves the bottom right corner of the window by the specified number of pixels defined. The top left corner will not be moved). The syntax is: resizeBy(width,height)

You can test these methods in our HTML5* Playground


Moreover, I suggest checking the following article for additional technical background Developing HTML5 Applications for Intel AppUp(SM): Part 1 A Simple Example.

HTML5 Technical Resources:

Let us know if you require further assistance,

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Technical Support Team
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As Marvin suggested; I've used window.resizeTo() to resize my apps' windows size and it workes perfectly :)

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